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Drabble: himup/daejae? 
One Shot: banglo/slight daejae

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I have so much respect for fan translators right now oh my god. I just spent the last like 3 hours or something scanning, editing, re-translating, cleaning, typesetting JESUS. (sorry that its messy and what not ahh) All the time wondering why I was doing it or if it was even worth it. To think that people just do this every day. GEEZ JUST THE MOST RESPECT TO YOU GUYS ;~;

WELL ANYWAY.. this is from the 2013 Autumn Jump Next! I hadn’t seen anyone else translate it so i thought I would give it a shot. My understanding of Japanese is pretty weak so I asked Karen for the initial translations~

In any case.. here is my first manga anything so uhm, I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY! Please appreciate all those fan translation teams! They put in a lot of work so that you can appreciate the manga you love weekly! (:


Ultraman Vs. Kamen Rider

In igadevil's words: “Rider 1 evens up the odds by first driving right through Sasorigadoras and then growing giant (because Rider 1, that’s why)”